Darwin-Ecosystem in Bordeaux France, created in 2012, has the objective to practice a new way of working. The tenants’ association “Les Darwiniens”, as initiator, coordinator and partner of ‘The Origin of Spaces’, envisions sharing its collection of experiences on ecological transition, and its potential for creating a cohesive and resilient ecosystem.

Among the various shared values in Darwin’s work, culture and leisure community, the objective of ecological transition is the most emblematic, and one that has attracted many committed members. However not every hub project has the same scale or means. Displaying ecological transition values is one thing, but implementing them is quite another.

Can sharing a printer, separating waste, certified eco-renovation, even the online monitoring of resource consumption, as alternative eco-practices, be implemented at scale?

Following 12 months of internal and external consultation, sessions with 12 pivotal initiators, and 30 representatives of eco-business and other sectors commenting on the project themes, Darwin’s ecological transition grew from a popular message to a measured mindand-action-set.

When asking ourselves how to create a Third Place that could change environmental habits on a daily basis, and wondering how to enrol peers to engage in new responsible ways of managing hybrid sites, the experiences of Darwin-Ecosystem provide valuable practical insights.




International research coordinator for OOS, owner and manager of ‘Conseils & Etudes Sociologiques’ in Bègles, member of the tenants association ‘Les Darwiniens’, active group animator, conference moderator, sociologist, researcher and expert on citizenship and community sustainability, and a generous laugh…



International and national research coordinator for OOS, founding architect of ‘cab42 architecture, strategy and design’ in Bordeaux, member of the tenants association ‘Les Darwiniens’, orients his design research and proposals towards technical and programmatic innovation to improve user engagement in the built environment, …plays harmonica in an acoustic rock trio, wishes he could spend more time windsurfing but is happy to spend it with his family…



International planning coordinator for OOS, founder of SAS AZALAY in Bordeaux, member of the tenants association ‘Les Darwiniens’, focusses his professional life on designing economic models of companies to make them more resilient and more responsible towards society and nature, involved in urban re-creation as a member of several non for profit organisations… spends much of his personal time with his family and his kite-surf gear.



International planning coordinator for OOS, owner and manager of ‘Jean Pierre Brossard Consultant’ in Bordeaux, member of the tenants association ‘Les Darwiniens’, experienced consultant in EU funded collaboration projects for cultural and social action, …has seen so much of the european landscape he’s become a bit of an expert on ecosystems…



International administrative coordinator for OOS, intern from the IFAID school in Bordeaux, member of the tenants association ‘Les Darwiniens’, has a background in Literature and project coordination, focusses on european partnerships and management of community life, interested in how to improve cooperation‚ does sport as soon as possible and would like to go around the world.

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