LxFactory, a “factory of ideas and creativity”, is a private endeavour located in Alcantara Lisboa, owned by MainSide, a foresighted property developer specialised in (re)use and revitalisation. Transformed from a factory into a new space, where heritage lives alongside tech and creative start-ups, LxFactory has 25000 square metres, holds 200 companies, employing 1000 people and 100 coworkers, in multiple sectors ranging from culture, design, fashion and advertising to trade, technology and commerce, etc. However LxFactory is more than just joined up organisations and individual independent workers sharing space and collaborating, it is a community of projects, ideas, coworkers and visitors, within that space. Accordingly, LxFactory’s strategy is deliberately flexible. Dedicated project analysis enabling autonomy and self-organisation, allowing each project to adapt and manage the space to suit its specific concepts, are key elements. This provides a unique environment accommodating a wide range of needs and attracting many promising and talented projects, Ler Devagar, CoworkLisboa, Cantina, Wool, etc., which have become icons of a strong local grass-roots culture.

Events such as the OPEN DAYS (Sunday’s LxMarket street market for handicraft, second hand and vintage), conferences such as OFFF, IGNITE, and numerous seminars, fashion exhibitions, music concerts and book launches etc., attract visitors and future projects whilst promoting networking and collaboration, and the international name of LxFactory.




Research manager and coordinator for OOS, project coordinator at Mainside Investments SGPS Real Estate, professionally active as an architect for 12 years in Portugal and in the Netherlands, then served lunch to her current employer in an Indian restaurant, who was impressed with her skills and hired her. She has been working there for almost 10 years now.



Research researcher for OOS, Senior Associated Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policies at the Lisboa School of Economics, has a PhD on Technology and Innovation Policy, an MBA, and a degree in engineering, worked for the Secretary of State of Economic Affairs and the Prime Ministers’ Office on Technology and Innovation, was a consultant for the EU, currently co-chair of the University of Lisboa “Network for Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Transfer”, and much much more.



Research researcher for OOS, currently a Doctoral candidate in Design at the Universidade de Lisboa and a junior researcher at the Artistic Studies Research Center (CIEBA), focused on the contributions of design capabilities as strategic resources for organizations, has an MA in Curatorial Studies and a BA in Economics, founder of a rural makerspace ‘Buinho’, passionate about design of co-creative environments.

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