Imagine a huge military building of 16,739 square meters with endless, gloomy hallways where, historically, militants, officers and war refugees lived and worked. The building was named after Second World War hero Karlo Rojc but abandoned in the late 1990’s. Due to the simple fact that no one switched off the electricity and water supply, different artists, activists and associations began to occupy the building, thereby inhaling and inspiring new creative energies.

Today, the Community Centre Rojc is a particular “place of civil society,” an alternative urban culture centre situated in a small town called Pula, Croatia, in the north of the Mediterranean southern Europe. Rojc hosts 111 associations with very different activities: culture and art, sport and recreation, children and youth, ethnic minorities, psycho-social work, etc.

In 2012 some associations established the Rojc Associations’ Alliance, defined as the associations’ network of the Community Centre. Together with the city of Pula, which is the legal owner of the building, Rojc Alliance is developing a participatory governance model for governing this huge building. There is a need to break away from a co-tenancy mode to more productive forms of co-existence, co-management and co-production, thus creating a dynamic, hybrid organisational and management model that will be more effective and professional.




Research manager for OOS project from Rojc Alliance in Pula, Croatia. Working for the non-governmental organisation “Green Istria” in the field of environmental protection, encouraging public participation in decision making processes, and raising public awareness on environmental democracy. Plays an active role in Rojc Alliance. Irena likes camping, reading and juggling.



Research and Toolbox researcher for OOS, Rojc Alliance external expert. Has 10 years of professional experience working in the non-governmental sector, primarily in the field of civil society development and youth issues. Currently is working as an independent consultant supporting different organizations in writing, implementing and evaluating EU funded projects. Likes to swim and run in her free time.

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