Being a social entrepreneur is hard to define as there is no precise global definition, although there is a lot of history in the UK, where the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) was founded by Michael Young in 1997.

The term was first used in the literature of social change during the 1960’s and 1970’s. It means taking entrepreneurial methods including risk taking, learning from mistakes, self-confidence, determination, the ability to adapt and above all a passion for solving problems, then using them to solve social problems. These key traits are used to create businesses that measure performance not in terms of profit and return, but in creating businesses that measure their success by their positive impact on society.

Much social entrepreneurship developed in response to Strategic Regeneration. In Deptford London, post-1992, there was a local response built around cultural and ecological activists in Deptford Creekside where many abandoned industrial sites and offices were taken over by artists, and even the SSE. One such cultural response was Capture Arts who act as cultural brokers and have acted in pop-up spaces allowing social and cultural entrepreneurs to operate. Despite much intermittent local practice, no strategic approach to developing spaces for social entrepreneurs has emerged.




Research manager for OOS. Creative Thinking Trainer and European Project Manager. Director and Project Development Manager at Capture, an innovative not for profit social enterprise based in Lewisham, London that has been working in participatory practice, arts and culture, creative thinking and innovation, organisational change management and the development of participant-led co created projects since 1997.



Research researcher for OOS, Founder member of Learner-Generated Contexts Research Group at the London Knowledge Lab, where he is a Visiting Research Associate. He has worked on social and digital inclusion projects using Digital Media since 1997 when he was part of the LB Lewisham Citizen Connects team.



Research manager for OOS. Enterprise Development Manager for the London Borough of Lewisham since 2001, over 25 years experience in urban regeneration in local government, NGOs and the private sector contexts, leading on the development of three new coworking centres opening in Lewisham in 2016, interested in language and multiculturalism. Interested in jazz, tennis, cycling and rights of immigrants and refugees.



Research researcher for OOS. Project manager for Capture Projects, a vibrant social enterprise based in Lewisham as well as being a freelance web designer and social network facilitator and manager. Extensive knowledge of digital platforms and new media and specialises in using social media networks for marketing and community engagement.



Project manager for OOS, European projects manager for the London Borough of Lewisham. Paul has over 13 years experience of managing and participating in a wide variety of European funded projects and networks with the aim of improving Lewisham Borough. Paul sings in a covers band, enjoys watching sport and supports the mighty Tottenham Hotspur.

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